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St Johns Feeding Pattern_edited_edited_edited.png

Our Services


Breastfeeding your baby is not always easy. We are here to support the mother and baby dyad with everything from latching to weaning and all things in between!  

Includes concerns with:

  • Difficulty latching

  • Slow weight gain

  • Tongue/lip ties

  • Frequently coughing or choking

  • Falling asleep at the breast

  • Milk supply

  • Fussiness at the breast

  • Pumping

  • Flange Sizing

  • Feeding multiples

  • Weaning


If bottle feeding your baby feels stressful, scary, or overwhelming we are here to provide you with individualized support and expertise.  Every baby feeds differently and we can help you determine how to improve bottle feedings for your baby.

Includes concerns with:

  • Difficulty latching

  • Chomping on the nipple

  • Leaking milk

  • Clicking

  • Choking/coughing

  • Oral motor concerns

  • Aversions

  • Extended feedings (30+ mins)

  • Stressful feedings

& Lip Ties

There are so many reasons babies struggle to eat and tethered oral tissues are just one of them.  We provide functional feeding and oral motor assessments to help determine if a tie could be causing your baby's feeding difficulties, or not.   We develop a collaborative treatment plan and provide oral motor rehabilitation and feeding therapy before and after tongue/lip tie releases to help you meet your feeding goals.


Symptoms that may indicate a tongue or lip tie:

  • Shallow or difficulty maintaining latch

  • Painful breastfeeding

  • Clicking while eating

  • Choking/coughing

  • Lip blisters

  • Chomping on breast/bottle

  • Excessive gas/spit up


Whether you are needing to spend time away from your baby, returning to work, or hoping to wean, we can help. We work together to determine why your baby is having difficulty accepting a bottle.  Whether they used to take a bottle and suddenly stopped or have never taken a bottle, we will develop a plan to help you meet your feeding goals.

Bottle refusal consults include:

  • Detailed feeding history

  • Oral function assessment

  • Bottle observation

  • Bottle trial

  • Step by step written care plan

  • 2 weeks of email/text support

Transition to

If you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed by starting solids with your baby, we are here to help!  There are so many approaches to starting solids with no one way being the “right” way for everyone.  We will provide an individualized plan to transition to solids to help set your family up for feeding success.



  • Assessing the signs of readiness to start solids

  • Determining the right feeding method for your family- Baby led weaning/puree/combo feeding

  • Appropriate textures and how to prepare foods safely

  • Strategies to set your baby up for success and decrease picky eating

  • Problem solving concerns such as difficulty chewing, gagging, refusal, extended mealtimes.

  • Cup/straw drinking


Our goal is to make feeding a positive experience for you and your growing family from the start!   We provide individualized infant feeding education to address your personalized feeding goals: breast, bottle, or combo feeding.  


Education includes: 

  • Hunger cues

  • Positioning

  • Latching

  • Bottle/nipple selection

  • Pacifiers

  • Positive oral motor experiences

  • Pumping schedules

  • Milk storage

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